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The Application Process

Parent visits are the first step in the process. Please call to make an appointment. During this time teaching and administrative staff will be available to answer questions. This is followed by a one-day visit by the prospective student. A parent is welcome to accompany a young child during this visit. In some instances a second day visit may be in order. If the family is interested in attending the Hiland Hall School they should submit to the school a completed application form. Financial aid is available.

Please call to make an appointment to visit us.  (802) 442-3868

What Parents Are Saying
“Kids feel safe here.”….

“When I met HHS students, they were so self-assured and self-motivated.”
“There is a philosophy of citizenship and treating others with respect.”…. “Older children embrace and help the younger children.”

…“There is kindness and caring among the students.”

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