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The Hiland Hall School was founded by a group of parents and teachers who came together when the Prospect School closed it doors in 1991. Our roots reach deeply into the Progressive Education community. Following are some resources in Progressive Education. 

"Conversations With Jessica Howard"

a video interview with our Founding Teacher

"On Teaching, Knowledge, and "Middle Ground"

- Jessica Howard

"Structure and Space"

- Jessica Howard

The Prospect School and Center for Education and Research (1965-1991) developed a series of descriptive processes for broadening and deepening knowledge of children and their work. These processes continue to be used at The Hiland Hall School as well as other schools and inquiry groups across the country. In 2005 Prospect’s Archives were donated to the University of Vermont Special Collections.

Prospect Archive of Children's Work

Prospect's Descriptive Processes

The Institute for Descriptive Inquiry

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